Kraton Corporation

is a long term supplier to the Tire and Rubber industry, supplying products which improve tire performance and enhance the processing of tire compounds and rubber chemicals. Kraton Corporation is the global leader in pine-based bio-refining with over 80 years of experience and refines Crude Tall Oil, Crude Sulphate Turpentine and Limonene.

Kraton Corporation has served the rubber industry for over 50 years and tire manufacturers for more than 25 years. Since 2000, Kraton Corporation has focused on the product development and application of Tread Enhancement Additives for wet grip enhancement and now supplies the majority of the leading tire manufacturers with constant quality, high performance products.

Based on a foundation of internal raw material building blocks, augmented by external raw materials, Kraton Corporation offers a unique portfolio of natural, synthetic and hybrid products that are tailored to provide excellent performance in tire applications.