Arizona Chemical Presents on Sustainability at Traction 2015

Arizona Chemical drew a crowd at its presentation on sustainability at this year’s Traction 2015 conference, which was held in late May in Nashville, Tenn.

On the first conference day, Kirk Jacobs, Business Unit Director – Tires, delivered a presentation titled, “The Sustainable Materials Challenge: Delivering Value Through Performance.”

Sustainability is a hot topic in the Tires industry but many struggle with intregating it into their ongoing developments and activities. Tire manufacturers, suppliers and other value chain parties have been discussing sustainability for a while now but sustainability continues to be a “nice to have” vs. a “need to have.” The core of the issue for raw materials is products that are viewed as more sustainable are mostly very expensive, in an embryonic phase, or not yet available in commercial quantities.

“We wanted to highlight the interplay between sustainability and performance,” Kirk explained, “because this industry in extremely focused on performance and that does not automatically go hand-in-hand with sustainability.”

Kirk’s presentation was developed with the help of Nisrene Hadded, Global Environmental Manager. “In this presentation, we really took the customer’s perspective and looked how we can help them with the challenges they face regarding sustainability. This has been a unique cooperation with the Tires business team, and the presentation is something we have not created at Arizona Chemical until now,” Nisrene said.

Arizona Chemical was one of the major sponsors of the conference. Next to Kirk’s presentation and the booth, the new SYLVATRAXX™ logo was promoted.

Kirk Jacobs speaks at Traction 2015

Kirk Jacobs speaks at Traction 2015

Traction 2015

The Arizona Chemical booth Traction 2015