Core Rubber Additives

Core rubber additives are essential additives to achieve optimal rubber properties by controling the curing process.

Stearic acid is a fatty acid which has been used in rubber compounds for many years. Traditionally, stearic acid is manufactured from an animal source called tallow. CENTURY ™ 1224 is a stearic acid made from wood source, i.e., renewable as well as from a non animal source.

SYLFAT ™ FA2 is a Tall Oil Fatty Acid (TOFA), very similar to stearic acid and has been used in rubber compounds for decades. Reported benefits of TOFA over stearic acid include reduced blooming and increased tack.

SYLVATAL ™ D30LR is a Distilled Tall Oil (DTO), a mixture of Tall Oil Fatty Acid and Tall Oil Rosin and has been selected to combine the benefit of the individual components.

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CENTURY ™ 1224
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