Big successes at the Tire Tech 2015

In front of key customers, industry partners and the global tires team, Kees Verhaar, President and CEO,
revealed the new SYLVTRAXX™ logo at the annual Tire Technology Expo in Cologne, which was held Feb. 10-12.

“The introduction of the logo and a new brochure is the start of a new communication strategy for the tires team,”
said Kirk Jacobs, Business Unit Director – Tires. “And we are very happy that the whole Tires Business Unit team could meet in Cologne for the unveiling of the new logo.”

This annual conference is the only true global event for the tires industry. This was the first time AZC has exhibited at the Tire Technology Expo. “Having a booth with a meeting room significantly increased the amount of customer meetings and thereby the overall effectiveness of the show.” Kirk Jacobs added.